Flight From Russia

Firm clients and asylum applicants, Sergei & Alla Aseev and Eduard & Irina Pervushin and their families, are the subjects of a captivating novel based on the true story detailing their journey from Russia to Minnesota.   The two families fled Russia on the brink of mandatory conscription announced by Putin on September 21, 2022.

As stated on the back cover of the book, The New Exodus: Escaping Putin’s War, written by Eugene Terekhin:  “Their incredible odyssey lasted 4 months, marked by unbelievable twists and turns, sacrifices and triumphs, gains and losses.”

Mr. Aseev and his family are from St. Petersburg and Mr. Pervushin and his family are originally from Omsk, Siberia and later moved to St. Petersburg.  Their journey began through Turkey before taking them to Mexico, San Diego, and finally on to Minnesota.

Attorney Scott Andrew Fulks and legal assistant Emma Peterson have been instrumental in helping their families adjust to life and claim asylum in the United States.


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